CoinMarketCap Handing Out FCAS Grades To CryptoAssets – BlockTV CryptoGlobe

CoinMarketCap has announced that it is implementing the Fundamental CryptoAsset Score (FCAS) framework in its rating system.

Like credit scoring, the FCAS will create a more objective competitive landscape for CryptoAssets. The fact that CoinMarketCap is implementing it is a strong signal of increasing market maturity and customer/investor confidence. FCAS is a combination of User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity Fundamentals leveraging dozens of data points.

As examples: EOS and Ethereum (ETH) have S Superb ratings. Bitcoin (BTC) has an A Attractive rating. Tether (USDT) currently has an F Fragile rating.

The project has the backing of Coinbase, Digital Currency Group and True Ventures.

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