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Monetizing the Creator Economy Through Social Tokens Keynote

Tuesday, September 7th, in London, I’ll be speaking on how Rally’s Creator Coins and the larger social token movement can help creators with monetization, community engagement, and protect against de-platforming/censorship. The Blockchain Expo is one of my favorite conferences to speak at, as it combines parallel tracks around Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, IoT, and Cloud Computing, with Blockchain and CryptoAssets topics. Always exciting to speak outside of the crypto-bubble of dedicated conferences and take the good news of cryptoassets to the masses.

This keynote will cover:

  • What are creator coins and why do they matter? 
  • Digital payments and tipping, tokenized community engagement and access, and use cases for various content creators 
  • Addressing social media de-platforming through individual digital economies 
  • My journey creating $ETHAN on 

I’m also the Chairperson and MC for Day 2 of the conference, so come by the Future of Digital Assets stage and say Hi 🙂

If you are in London, I would love to meet up at the conference and learn about what you are working on. Basic tickets are free and you can find out more information at Blockchain Expo Global.

By Ethan Pierse

Director at The CryptoAssets Institute, evangelizing the blockchain economy across Europe and Southeast Asia, advising government administrations, corporations, and funds on tokenization. Founder of Borderless Ventures focused on FrenchTech, CEE, and ASEAN startups. Former Managing Partner, Nest Venture Capital.

Ethan is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and advisor on the Blockchain Economy and CryptoAssets, particularly Tokenized Securities. He's also passionate about entrepreneurship, European and Southeast Asian innovation ecosystems and startup scale, as well as corporate-startup innovation. He is a frequent media interviewee and available for TV, radio/podcast, print, and video.

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