Ethan Pierse

Director at The CryptoAssets Institute democratizing the blockchain economy and cryptoassets across Europe and Southeast Asia and Host of The Web3 Economy

Founding Partner of Borderless Ventures, scaling French Tech, CEE, and ASEAN startups globally. Former Managing Partner, Nest Venture Capital.

Host of Series.E: Europe’s Tech Stories and The French Tech News.

Keynote speaker on Web3 and the Decentralized Creator Economy (the amazingness of NFTs and Social Tokens for content creators and entrepreneurs), Tokenized Securities, CryptoAssets and the Blockchain Economy, cross-border startup growth, corporate/startup business development, and international entrepreneurship. Serial entrepreneur in digital and e-commerce in the United States, France, and Singapore. 20+ years digital marketing strategy advising Coca-Cola, HP, BP, large banks, airlines and governments.

Ethan connects and enables cross-border startup investment and business development between the US, France, Central and Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia…