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Blockchain and the Future of Democracy

It was a pleasure speaking on how Blockchain technology and CryptoAssets will impact the Future of Democracy at Paris Blockchain Summit.

Whether tackling fake news and e-voting, leveraging consensus algorithms for decision-making, or the presence/lack of political will in increasing transparency and trust in our democratic systems through technology, it was a great discussion.

Do we have real, true, strong democracies?

Is crypto a democratic right?

Can we vote economically by scaling CryptoAssets adoption?

Ethan Pierse / Catalin Ivan

Always a pleasure to share the stage with European Parliamentarian Catalin Ivan and enjoyed meeting Christian Ander from BTCX and Swedish Bitcoin Party, Massimo Buonomo from the UN, Muhammad Salman Anjum from Blockpreneurs, and moderator extraordinare, Rafael Schultz from blockchainpunk.

Thank you for the invitation Rémy Ozcan and Christophe Ozcan from Crypto4All/Tozex.


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